Business plan

I can define business plan that, is a comprehensive document prepared by firm’s management or a hired person with the aim of show ways in order to achieve stated goals of the firm. 

As a document, business plan specifically explains and give information such as, name of the business, name of management team, full address of the firm, and contact numbers.

Business plan should state in short, the purpose of the business, what is to be done in the business, and why doing the specific business, it should state the strategic direction of the business and state business concept.

It explains industry in which the business is, what is going on in the same industry current and in future outlook. And also it explains about uniqueness of product/service offered.

Also, it should state and explain the market niche of the business, sales forecasts and the firm’s competitors.

Moreover, business plan should give information regarding competitor’s strength and weakness, information regarding strategies to be used in order to win the market.

It state responsibility of the firm’s management, as well as operations of the firm.

Business plan also, should state clear about the firm’s cash generating ability, how much cash will be required, when it will be required, where cash will come from, and it has to explain about assets, liabilities and net worth of the firm.

Usually, business plan are prepared and produced to focus on internal and external of the firm, such as stakeholders, investors, bankers, and employers.

Basically, business plan is important to all of the focused groups, such as, it will show direction of where the business is going, it will attract financial groups, it will create working confidence within team members, it communicate to external about the firm’s strategy. 

And also, business plan helps to indicate some errors which lead to collapse of business, and at the same time, business plan helps to grow market, and it create a confidence that, the business concept is real and can be performed successfully.

Therefore, it is important for a business to decide not plan to collapse only because they don’t have clear, understandable, standard quality business plan for the new start up and for old business which need to grow.

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