Research Publications

Research publication refers to written communication made by researcher to the public. It consists the act of put in open access, the research report for anyone who wishes to read, review, and peruse. Usually, academician, employer, job seeker, and anyone who wishes to add more knowledge on various matters are targeted to read research publications. As it is known that, research help to increase and add knowledge, and also research is for problem solving.

Publishing research report helps speed up the process of adding knowledge to academician, and to the public. It is important to note that, publishing research report benefits not only academic community and to the public, but it also benefits to the particular researcher.

Researcher can only place himself within a network with other researchers and academicians by publish his/her research reports. Publish research report, will automatic increase his/her capability of how to conduct a better research and hence increase writing skills when reports his/her research findings. Comments, opinions, and advices from readers of the reports, will shape and increase his/her writing skills, and he/she will know the better way of reporting research findings. 

Now days, employers seek to employ a person who is not only graduated, but also who is confidence and competent in explains his/her ideas in writing, that is, the one with writing skills, who can create sound and beneficial ideas, and put the idea in writing, with full explanations of methodology to be used during when put the idea in practice. The employers are interested employ such a person due to the fact that, they will earns more money and profits through this person. Therefore, the only way to market your self is to publish your research reports. 

This is to say that, if you are academician, better job search, interest in increase your writing skills, and if you plan for higher level of study, then you should start publish your papers, and not just publishing, but find acceptable and reliable publisher.

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