Conduct online training and live online training, workshop and seminars

I can say, online training is a process of teaching and giving instructions on a specific course, within a specified period of time, in a distance location, and with the facilitation of electronic devices, information and communications technology.   

On the other hand, live online training, also is a style of training by use of electronics devices, information and communications technology, but here trainee and trainer,  in her/his place can meet at agreed time to participate  and make  discussions, as if they are in a classroom physically. Here geographical boundaries does not affect the learning session. 

This is a digital age; therefore online training is an essential and the best choice of learning style. Online training is suitable in saving cost of travel from one place to another, it reduce waste of time, and other transportation challenges, such as long traffic, breakdowns and on way robberies. 

Current Abiga Minza Research offers online training in short courses so as to develop your knowledge and skills on how to write research proposal, research report, how to analyze data by use of SPSS, how to prepare business plan, develop  knowledge and skills on tender document preparation, tendering process and public procurement as a whole. 

At the end, the knowledge and skills acquired from our training, will be useful when a trainee apply in her/ his academic activities, office practices and her/his daily business activities, and more over the trainee will obtain a certificate from a very reputable and acceptable institute, as a result of our recommendations due to trainee pass marks from our examinations. 

To apply for online training in a specific short course with Abiga Minza Research, first make contact through our phone number provided, then, we will instruct how to send your application letter on a specific short course you prefer to learn, and later, online registration will follow, before training program for specific short course proceed.  

Abiga Minza Research will conduct live online training, workshop and seminars after completing of some processes.

Also, Abiga Minza Research will conduct physical training workshop and seminars after receive a special request, and also. the participants  will be provided with a certificate.


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