Data Analysis using SPSS

SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics) can be defined as a software capable for statistic data analysis, it is a comprehensive system of statistics data analysis.

As I have already say, IBM SPSS statistics is a comprehensive system of statistic data analysis, therefore, in a very short explanation, I will explain  how SPSS performs in examine linear relationship between tow or more normal distributed interval variables, by use Pearson’s correlation. Pearson’s correlation coefficient ‘r’.

You start by first step process of open IBM SPSS Statistics Data Editor Window, and enter your data in data view as per SPSS requirements, such as ID, name, type, width, label, values, and measurements and so on.

Then, create and define your variables in variable view.

After first step process, then select analyze menu, correlation, Bivariate, and Pearson’s correlation, and run the system. Automatic you will open IBM SPSS statistics output viewer, with full information obtained as a result of your entered data.

One among those informations, is a result of your examinations, you where looking for, linear relationship between variables in Pearson’s correlations coefficient ‘r’.

Then, only thing you have to do, is to interpret the result in simple and understandable language.

In short, if the result ‘r’ is equal to 1, it means, there is a perfect positive relationship between the variables.

If the result ‘r’ is equal 0.9 - 0.5, it means, there is a strong positive relationship between the variables.

If the result ‘r’ is equal to 0, it means, there is no relationship between the variables, and if the ‘r’ is equal to negative number, it means there is negative relationship between the variables.

It will take your time to calculate manually and obtain the result of correlation, but with IBM SPSS statistics, you will save time, and obtain results of your examinations.

IBM SPSS Statistics, is a user friendly for data analysis, it is effective data management, and free from computation errors.

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