Public procurement, tendering process, and tender Document Preparation

Public procurement is the process of procure goods, works, and services by use of government money mainly from the public tax payers.

In Tanzania, public procurement is governing by rules and regulations. The government decide to impose the rules and regulations with the reason of prevent misuse of public money due to fraud and corruption, to improve the procurement process which consider value for money procurement , fair treatment to all, transparent and create competition and accountability.  

PEs therefore, during implementation have to under go in tendering process, and invites tenders for specific required procurement of amount of money which are within certain threshold, as specified in the procurement rules and regulations.

In Tanzania, PEs are monitored its compliance in all its procurement process by the authority body (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority) PPRA. Public procurement therefore, is a comprehensive system of acquire goods, works, and services by use government money mainly from the public tax payers, and in order to make best use of this public money, special efforts and contribution are needed from various bodies, authorities, such as, Tender boards, Procurement management units, Accounting Officers, and users to contribute directly toward public procurement process, and others, such as Public Procurement regulatory Authority, Tax payers and Government to contribute indirectly to wards public procurement process, to collaborate with each other, with the same aim of make best use of public money, and with consideration of apply the public procurement principles, during public procurement process.

the contribution from various contributors to make possible best use of public money can be explained clear by the use of diagram 1: bellow.


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