Research Report

Research report is a comprehensive document prepared and written by market analysts, investors and an academician.

Usually research report prepared and written after completion of research process of either market research process, investment research process, or academic research process. In academic matter it is called thesis and or dissertation. 

Research report must show the purpose of research process, objectives of the research, should explain what other writer says about the subject matter of the research. Methodology used in the research, scope and limitation of the research and lastly, report should gives recommendations.

It is important for researcher to write, research report which is easy to follow, logical structured understandable and contains all three parts of the report.

Research report, as already been told, usually prepared by market analysts, Investors, and academician. They write research report to communicate to their readers and convince them that, research have been done systematic and were directed towards objective of the specific matter of the study in order to discover the relationship between variables of the study, it contribute and increase knowledge, and therefore, the research findings and recommendations can be used to solve problems they face.

The quality of research report depends on the writer’s capability in writing, and knowledge on rules and principles involved in writing research report.

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