Training on How to Write Research Proposal

Research Proposal is a document that produced and comes in advance of Research Project, therefore, Research Proposal is like a Master plan of research project. It contains full information of research project such as, research topic, research area, research methodology to be used, It explains current state of knowledge and any recent debates on the topic and it also explain the original of the proposed research idea. More over it gives information on timeframe of the proposed research project. To sum up, research proposal must contains and explain on “what” of the specific proposed research, “why” the specific proposed research and “how” it will be done.  

A research proposal is an academic and professional writing. You write a research proposal to convince your reader through your writing that you know what you are going to do in during your research process. 

The high quality of research proposal depends not only on the quality of proposed project but also on the high quality of proposal writing. Well written research proposal will convince readers that, the writer (researcher) has worthwhile research the project and that he/she has competence, qualify and has good work plan to perform the research process. And therefore will have an opportunity to demonstrate that he/she have the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, concisely and critically through his/her writing in the research proposals. 

Abiga Minza Research is dedicated to offer quality services with speed, reliable and value you deserve during when training on how to write high quality and acceptable research proposal for academic purposes and for financial request for project (grant).  Abiga Minza research provides service of high quality research proposal writing skills. And with our service you will be able to learn and follow step by step in writing a standard high quality and acceptable research proposal.

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